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It is is a high yielding and nutritious Brachiaria hybrid variety. It is a suitable forage grass for large and small ruminants for increased beef and milk production. Produced an average of 34 t/ha of dry forage biomass on an annual basis (three harvests) under bimodal season rainfed conditions at multiple sites in Kenya. The perennial forage grass is leafy, vigorous, medium height (80-100 cm), drought tolerant and well adapted to low fertility and acidic soils in the tropics and subtropics.


Characteristic/ management Remarks
Growth habit It produces high quantities of forage biomass. It has an upright/erect growth habit and grows in well-defined tussocks/bunches that together with its ability to regenerate fast after harvesting makes it especially suitable for cut and carry systems
Seed requirement and placement Seed rate: 5-7.5 kg/ha (spaced out planting) and 10-12 kg/ha (broadcast planting or zero tillage); Seed placement: plant seed at 1-1.5 cm depth and cover lightly with soil
Soil fertility requirement Intermediate to high. Will also do well in low fertility soils
Adaptation to acidic soils Good
Tolerance to drought and high temperatures in the field Good
Shade tolerance Less tolerant to shading
Maturity period 10-12 weeks (days to first harvest/cut after germination); 5-7 weeks (days to subsequent cuts).
Utilization options Can be directly grazed on or cut and carried to livestock for fresh feeding. Can be preserved in the form of hay or silage. Makes high quality hay and silage.
Palatability High
Digestibility Has high digestibility (69%)
Protein content Up to 17%
Utilization management 25 cm (minimum height for animals to exit paddock under direct grazing); 5 cm stubble height (for cut and carry systems).
Utilization frequency 25-30 days (rotational grazing); 35-42 days (cut and carry). Best alternative to achieving high green and dry matter production in intensive cut-and-carry grass systems
Persistence in the field Has high persistence. Has high regeneration capacity and fast regrowth rate.


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